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Camille is always a fashion designer and sometimes a model. She's the owner and designer of Coexist, a young, high-street RTW line for women and a couture line under the same name. She considers graduating with honors from the Ateneo de Manila University last 2009 and being included in Preview Magazine's 10 Designers to Watch For list in 2010 her greatest achievements. Most recently, she was also named one of Preview Magazine's 10 Best Dressed Women for 2011 and one of MEGA Magazine's 10 Most Stylish for 2011 (the youngest on the list).

Last April 2011, Camille decided to give blogging a try. "Try" being the operative word. So far, so good! Since then, she has been named international brand, Mango's newest "It Girl"--making her the face of Mango's SS '12 online campaigns. She was also chosen as a finalist for the Best Fashion Blog category at the 2011 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

This 2012, she hopes the world will not end.
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Summer Fling

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the crème de la crème of ice cream bars, Magnum, especially if you’re from the Philippines. Magnum has been grabbing everyone’s attention for quite some time now. The brand is so HUGE here not only because of its deliciously-satisfying taste, but also because of its cleverly-planned marketing strategies and rocking parties! With already so many distribution channels running out of Magnum left and right (I swear people just can’t get enough of this ice cream), it seems that there is still no stopping this mega brand. Just a few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to join Magnum’s Summer Fling Party at Boracay!

Magnum + Boracay, how can this not be epic??? It was a weekend of nonstop partying—great company, rocking music, overflowing drinks and hundreds of Magnum bars!

Our party of 20+ stayed in the soon-to-open District Hotel. This place is so beautiful. We were so lucky to have the place to ourselves. The staff were really accommodating as well.

Upon entering my room, I was greeted by this.

Goodie bag! Thank you Unilever, Fox International Chanel and Star World.

I wish I can show you photos from all the parties we attended, but I was afraid I’d forget my camera (you know what too much fun can do!) so I only brought it to the main event—Magnum Summer Fling Party. Unlike the other 2 parties, this one started early—from 1 til about 9pm at The Tides Roof Deck. I love how they set the place up!

I’m sure you can see a lot of familiar faces here in this photo. I truly was in great company! This is probably the best summer party I’ve ever attended! Magnum team, you’ve really outdone yourself! I had too much fun, I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos! You can see more party photos over at Robbie’s blog.

So what does one wear to a summer party at the beach?

Say hello to my “nagshorts ka pa” look, as Raymond Gutierrez calls it. Don’t worry, these shorts will never see the light of day in Manila. Haha!

Topshop shorts | Topshop gold sandals

Nothing But Water floppy hat | Celine sunnies

Binky Doodles kimono | Island Girl necklace

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I’m still having a few withdrawal symptoms from this weekend. I’ve just arrived in Barcelona today and I still can’t stop thinking about the great time I had at the Magnum Summer Fling. Magnum, please do this every year! Scratch that, every month! I kid… or not? :)

Little Bo Beep

It was raining yet again so what’s a fashion blogger got to do? Find the most decent umbrella that somehow matches my outfit haha!

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Look at how landi (flirtatious) my mom was back in the day. The beaded lace bodysuit I’m wearing here is actually a hand me down from her! (I knew my love for beaded numbers and backless clothes came from somewhere! It’s all her fault!) I love that it’s conservative in front and oh so sexy at the back. If you look at the detail shots below closely, you’ll see that the lace at the back is actually sheer. I love!

Instead of going all out sexy by pairing my bodysuit with a pair of skimpy pants, shorts or tight skirt, I paired it with this cute pleated skirt instead from I Heart Matilda to keep things sweet and cute. Skirts like this are the kind you can use over and over again, don’t you think? It’s practically a classic!

To make it seem like I’m wearing a dress, I finished my look off with my sister’s fail-proof ribbon belt. Accessories were kept to a minimum to keep things simple and classy.

Notice my necklace? It’s actually for a good cause. It’s Avon’s Empowerment Circle of Support necklace that symbolizes Avon’s fight against domestic violence, both physical and emotional. Part of the proceeds of the necklace’s sales goes to Avon’s Speak Out Foundation which is used to support partner NGOs that are fighting for the same cause. I urge you to go get one if you support this advocacy. It’s for a great cause and we, the youth, should speak out in our own little way on important issues like this.

Avon necklace

Lady Rustans beaded bodysuit

H&M ribbon belt

I Heart Matilda skirt

Forever 21 ring and bracelet

Mango shoes

Pray For Karl

I’m sure you know who the icon I’m wearing is—he’s none other than fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld. He, along with other fashion legends and labels, are the subjects of Pray For Paris' shirts. If you love fashion and look-up to these people, I'm sure you'll find something you like in Pray For Paris' collection.

With an already statement-making shirt, I pushed the bar even higher with equally eye-catching prints and colors. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m completely in love with fluorescent colors this season hence the lime blazer and hot pink pumps. Pairing these items with loud prints, particularly those in black and white, makes for a very strong look. What do you think?

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ZARA blazer | Pray For Paris shirt | From Hong Kong leggings

Holic Accessories necklace

Shop On Trend spike connector ring | Five By Five cross connector ring | Yhansy spike bracelet | Quintessential Shop silver bracelet

Aldo pumps

Speaking of Paris, I’m heading to the fashion capital of the world right after my shoot in Barcelona. I’m flying out already this Monday and I’m BEYOND excited! It’s been 4 years or so since I’ve last visited Paris so I’m sure a lot has changed! I promise to tweet/instagram/blog as much as I can! If you know of any hidden gems I might find interesting, please do let me know!


Powder colors are always so pleasing to the eyes. They’re always so feminine and sweet-looking.

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H&M top

Gifts Ahoy ring

Happy Boon brown square cuff | H&M bead bracelets | "Bestie" leather bracelet from 2 sweet readers, Marga and Tonette. (Thank you for waiting so patiently for me just to give me this gift!)

Mulberry bag

The Daily Serving shorts

Zara wedges

As you read this post, I’m probably already enjoying the sandy shores of Boracay. A bunch of us are here for the Magnum and Star World series of events and I just can’t miss it. But even if I’m far away from my trusty wifi at home, I’ll still try my best to keep in touch and keep you up to date! Thank God there’s SMART’s new SHOCK PROOF data charging! I tend to get carried away with my tweets and updates during times like this so it comforts me to know that no matter how many times I go online like crazy, I will NEVER pay more than P1200 on top of my plan for doing so! Don’t you just hate that? When your bill arrives and you get this big surprise that’s not the good kind? How on earth did I reach P15,000??!!!! Well, if you’re on iPhone PLan 999/2499, Data Lite 500/800/1000, Regular / Consumable Plans with Always on Package under SMART, say goodbye to these unwanted charges. SMART’s Shock Proof data charging is automatically applied to your subscription. No need to register!

So, prepare for my tweets!

Luxury Shopping Made Convenient

Hello Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, Chloe, Mulberry, Salvatore Ferregamo and so much more. If you’re a bag lover, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you which bag is which from the photo above. You’re probably one of the thousands of girls lusting over these babies. But seasoned shoppers should know that when it comes to bags like these, the hunt for great bargains is never over. We’re continuously on the prowl for better deals to stretch that peso, dollar or whatever currency you’re using. Agree?

Well then, let me introduce to you, Eranzi, Asia’s very own luxury e-tailer that just hit the World Wide Web. This Malaysian website is the plushest online shop this side of the globe, selling authentic branded goods and offering topnotch customer service. Eranzi stocks over 17 designers and carries everything from bags, wallets to cases and limited edition collections that are not even available in stores in Malaysia. Every week, new items are uploaded to the website to keep you up to date with the latest styles this season. Isn’t this great? You get to shop your favorite brands at great deals, all in the comforts of your home. It’s fast, easy and convenient!

But how about shipping? And import duties? Not to worry! Eranzi is currently offering free delivery and import duties waived to the Philippines! So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Eranzi now to view the prices of the items and have access to their promos, sales and offers. Eranzi is actually on sale now until March 31 so I suggest you take advantage of this. “LIKE” Eranzi on Facebook too to get an additional RM25 off your purchase. Plus another RM50 off if you use my special voucher for my readers. Just type this voucher code: “50itscamcomkwl”. Now that’s a LOT of deals!

Here are just some of what you’ll find:

YSL Muse Two Taurillon - PhP 49,100 (SAVE PhP 25,900!!!)

Marc Jacobs Mini Stam - PhP 52,000 (SAVE PhP 26,000!!!)

Balenciaga Classic Work - PhP 64,500 (SAVE PhP 8,300!!!)

Givenchy Pandora Small - PhP 61,700 (SAVE PhP 18,300!!!)

Follow Eranzi on Twitter here.

Project Runway

Guessssssss what?

Look who’s here! You’re not getting any info from me so you better tune in this April 1, 8pm on ETC Channel. :)

Lend Me Your Ear

I got lucky and found an empty playground the other day so of course I grabbed the opportunity and took outfit shots!

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When you look at my outfit, I’m sure the first thing you see are my huge neon earrings. Talk about attention-grabbers! They’re so funky, I love them! I kept the rest of my outfit neutral so as not to take attention away from them (although I doubt that’s possible haha!)

The Closet Goddess leggings | Mango denim jacket | Topshop striped top

Extreme Finds neon earrings

Bubbles smiley ring | Happy Boon leather cuffs

Loewe bag

Aldo shoes

See You At SM!

Just a quick post to inform you that I, together with my good friend, Laureen Uy, will be at SM Bicutan this Sunday, April 1. Why you may ask? We’ve been invited by SM to style the winners of SM Bicutan’s Summer Supermodels competition for a fashion show to be held on the same day. Do you want to shop with us, get styled by us or simply walk the runway for SM and unleash the supermodel in you? Then join now! Contest is still ongoing! More details on how to join and the prizes here.

Hurry! The deadline for entries is already near! I hope to see you at SM Bicutan! I’m sure this will be one heck of an event.


Hype this look on here.

I’ve said this before, to look feminine and sexy, you don’t need to show your boobs and bum. There’s no need for skintight clothes and slits higher than heaven. It doesn’t always have to be that way. Your choice of fabric, color, shoes, hair and make-up all contribute to your look.

If you’ve noticed, both my top and skirt are actually kind of loose and not at all body-hugging. The drapes on my skirt can look a bit bulky too which is why I wore a belt to accentuate my waist. To keep my look sexy, I chose colors that are sensual—rose gold and champagne. I kept my hair up in a loose bun and wore a pair of drop earrings to keep the look soft and feminine and to highlight my top’s low back.

ZARA top | Topshop belt

Goody spin pins (hair)

Rustan’s earrings

Global Citizen skirt 

SM Accessories ring

Sassy Chic heels

You know those days when you’re dressed too pretty and you’ve got no where to go? This was actually one of those days. But then again, I don’t want to keep saving this outfit for a future event until I eventually forget I ever had this. Besides, style can’t wait! Dress like your life is one big fashion show! You’ve only got one life to live right? So live your life to the fullest and treat each day as a special one in every way you can. This is also why when it comes to my network provider, I choose SMART. SMART keeps me up to date with the latest trends and happenings in the fashion world. No more slow internet connection, delayed texts and dropped calls. With the Philippine’s most reliable network, I get to #LiveMore.

Bigger and Better!

Good news! Coexist is now available at Retail Lab! We’ve just delivered new exclusive Coexist items. READ: EXCLUSIVE! This means aside from Coexist Prêt items, new styles designed and made exclusively by us are now available at Retail Lab! You know those party dresses you love so much? They’re baaaaaaack!

So hurry and visit us at Retail Lab located at 2nd floor, Archaeology Wing, Powerplant Mall!

Speaking of Coexist, you might’ve seen my tweet the other day looking for interior designers who can help me with the new Coexist headquarters/my office. Yup! Coexist is moving to a bigger and better place. I’m so stoked! For one, it’s 2 floors meaning there’s a whole lot of space. No more clients having to stand up because we don’t have enough space for them to sit and wait. Haha! I’ve actually already started meeting potential interior designers for this project. I’ve even been browsing through interior design websites and furniture stores like Furniture Hire London. All this excitement over my new office gave me a bright idea. Why not document the whole process and let you, my readers, in on what’s happening. I mean interior design and fashion go hand-in-hand anyway, right? I’m sure a lot of you will enjoy it, especially when we do DIYs and the like. What do you think?

Look Ma, No Heels!

I’ve always wondered how heelless shoes work. Now that I have my first pair of heelless shoes, I can finally conclude that they’re quite stable. Just don’t lean back haha! :) I got these pretty fluorescent shoes from DAS. Sad that you can’t see how much brighter they are in person. I’d like to think they’re a modern take on the classic Mary Janes.

When you see Mary Janes, don’t you automatically think of all things girly and sweet? Ribbons and polka dots, it can’t get any sweeter than this. Of course, there’s some print on print action again just to spice things up.

Trunk Show jacket | The Closet Goddess sheer polka dot top | Topshop skirt

Goody spin pins (hair)

Crave More necklace

The Little Things She Needs ring

DAS shoes

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Blog Giveaway: Win This Lace Top From

Remember my blog posts featuring items? (See here, here and here.) Because I want to show you even more how awesome their stuff are, I’m giving away this beautiful lace blouse to 1 lucky winner!

I personally chose this feminine sheer blouse from's bestsellers so I hope you like it! To join this giveaway, simply do the following:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’.
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Contest is open to ALL my readers, regardless of where you reside. Deadline for entries is on April 4, 11:59 PM. Winner will be chosen via and announced on my Twitter.

Good luck!

P.S. If you plan to shop at, save 20% by entering my coupon code: Camille20 upon checkout. This code is exclusive to my readers and will expire on May 30.

Not A Picket Fence

Another one of my “I’m pretending to be too cool for you” looks. Seeing this, my friend told me I should wear hats more. I don’t know how I should feel about this. Maybe there’s an inner hipster in me after all—hiding beneath the rainbows and fairies.

Hype this look on here.

It’s the rise of the tank tops and shorts combo once again. The heat is calling for it! I didn’t want to dress up much—just something casual to get me through the day. And what’s more casual than a tank top? I got this tank top buried deep inside my closet out again and paired it with these beautiful pair of mixed denim and leather shorts, threw on my new fedora from SM and a pair of sunnies from Gucci and I was ready to go.

Speaking of Gucci sunnies, I have good news! If you buy Gucci, YSL or Tommy Hilfiger premium frames at selected optical shops nationwide from March 1 to April 30, you’ll get a free Giordano watch too! I’ve seen the watches and they’re really cute! The colors are perfect for summer.

Forever 21 top | The Second Shop shorts

Gucci sunnies

SM Accessories fedora hat | Fayeness ring

Maris feather earring

Happy Boon necklace

Vivienne Tam bag | Michael Kors watch | Love Eyecandy bead bracelets

Feet For A Queen wedges


Have you visited a Mango branch lately? I went gaga over their SS 2012 collection! They have everything—bold prints and bright colors in clean lines and flowing shapes, ethnic prints mixed with sportswear details, colorblocks in classic silhouettes. I can go on and on! The collection is beyond amazing. It’s feminine, sophisticated, and urban, all rolled into one. If you want to update your wardrobe, Mango should definitely be on top of your list.

Not convinced? Let me show you one of the looks I came up with.

This season, Mango has incorporated so many beautiful details like pleats and gathers using light fabrics like those that you see on this gown.

The pleats and gathers create so much movement and fluidity. They make me want to just twirl and dance!

To provide contrast to my feminine and fluid gown, Mango also has a lot of structured pieces in classic colors and silhouettes like this white blazer. I think this is something Mango will never run out of. The brand is always so reliable when it comes to providing basic must-haves like this.

To modernize my look a tad bit, I added touches of gold through my accessories.

Aren’t these earrings pretty? They remind me of artisan crafts!

The perfect slim belt in gold.

Some more gold that are sure to catch people’s attention!

And to finish off, a pair of sexy heels in yet another classic-modern contrast.

Hype this look on here. All pieces are from Mango.

This is just one of the many looks I can come up with using Mango’s SS’12 collection. I really think this is one of their best collections so far. Not only because of the awesome designs but also because Kate Moss is their new image model for this season! Just as you thought Mango couldn’t get any better! I’ve stated in countless interviews how I love Kate Moss’ style. It couldn’t be a better fit! She embodies the Mango girl perfectly—independent, bold and always chic. Have you seen her ad??? If not, I suggest you click on the Mango ad I placed on my right sidebar and watch the film she starred in for the collection.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a meet&greet with her was one of my prizes for Mango It Girl? I DREAM!

P.S. I’ll be flying to Barcelona next week for my Mango shoot. Wish me luck!!! I’m beyond ecstatic. I’ll be visiting Paris too while I’m there. I promise to post a lot of photos so follow @itscamilleco on Instagram! :)

Little Brat

If Dennis The Menace had a girl counterpart, she’d probably be wearing something like this. And posing like this too! I’m really in character in all these photos! Haha!

Let me introduce you to the cutest dress ever! You can’t blame me for getting all matchy-matchy and cutesy. This dress was calling for it! I didn’t have enough willpower to fight it! Haha!

This dress is from Malaysian brand, Berrybow. If you like all things cute, dainty and Korean (because all their stuff are made in Korea), this is the store for you! As with most clothes made in Korea, the fabric is noteworthy. You can follow them on Facebook for contests and promos. 

Berrybow dress | The Ramp cape

Goody spin pins (hair)

Sunglasses Shop sunnies

Bubbles strawberry ring

SM Accessories socks | Call It Spring pumps

Hype this look on here.