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Camille is always a fashion designer and sometimes a model. She's the owner and designer of Coexist, a young, high-street RTW line for women and a couture line under the same name. She considers graduating with honors from the Ateneo de Manila University last 2009 and being included in Preview Magazine's 10 Designers to Watch For list in 2010 her greatest achievements. Most recently, she was also named one of Preview Magazine's 10 Best Dressed Women for 2011 and one of MEGA Magazine's 10 Most Stylish for 2011 (the youngest on the list).

Last April 2011, Camille decided to give blogging a try. "Try" being the operative word. So far, so good! Since then, she has been named international brand, Mango's newest "It Girl"--making her the face of Mango's SS '12 online campaigns. She was also chosen as a finalist for the Best Fashion Blog category at the 2011 Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

This 2012, she hopes the world will not end.
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I’m pretty sure my love for romantic tops like this came from my mom. When she saw me in this top, I could already tell she was making a mental note to steal it from my closet.

Must.Hide.It. Har har!

I kid. :) I love sharing clothes with the women in my family! If only we have the same shoe size, we’d have the most versatile closet! It would be perfect!

Now on to my look, I call this look my “hindi makabasag-pinggan look”. The pieces I have on are so feminine and romantic that I seem a little too dainty and fragile. Nevertheless, I love them! Everything I have on here are simple yet elegant—the type of items you’d keep for years and possibly pass down to your kids.

Gryphon New York beaded skirt

Berrybow top

SM Accessories necklace

SM Accessories rings

Jimmy Choo clutch

Zara shoes

Hype this look on here.

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